We respect each and every one of our patients.

We prioritize the quality of the medical act,
efficiency and performance.

High standards of sanitation

In the entire clinic, from the reception, waiting rooms, medical offices to the dental imaging center, sanitation measures are taken to high standards.

Efficiency and performance

We have investments in complex applications for managing appointments, patient records that allow fast and efficient communication and save valuable time.

Easy communication with foreign patients

We have trained doctors and staff, English and Italian speakers and we manage to communicate effectively with foreign patients who come to Romania for treatments and interventions

More than that,

We have invested in our own high-performance dental imaging center.

The fact that we have this center helps us a lot, both as doctors and patients, because :

Increases the accuracy of medical services

Doctors can make adjustments quickly

Decreases the time required for treatments / interventions

Doctors have the information quickly and can complete the work more easily

It is more comfortable

Patients don’t have travel to other locations


and help us keep our promise to respect each patient and, at the same time, all patients

We look forward to seeing you on the day of the appointment. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. In this way you support us to respect everyone's time.

From the reception you will receive all the information you need. The reception is directly connected through an efficient management and communication program with each office and thus, you will be safe.

In rare cases, complications occur in patients scheduled before you and then the waiting time is extended. We assure you that we do everything possible to reduce it and we promise to be just as careful and caring with you, if you have complications.

Tratamente stomatologice
cu plata în rate

Știm că, uneori, estimările financiare pentru unele planuri de tratamente dentare duc la necesitatea obținerii de variante de creditare care să te ajute să achiți serviciile stomatologice în rate. Ca să găsești varianta optimă și potrivită ție, am încheiat acorduri atât cu Banca Transilvania cât și cu Credit Box. Dă click pe butonul de mai jos pentru a vedea procedura pentru cazul în care adopți ideea de a achita serviciile stomatologice în rate.

Many smiles
come out of our clinic every day



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If the emergency occurs outside working hours, call the emergency service offered by Galati County Hospital as soon as possible.