diagnosis and treatment
of dental pulp diseases

Endodontics is the science that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of soft tissue diseases inside the tooth (blood vessels, lymph, nerves) and supporting ligaments at the tip of the tooth.

Endodontic, canal treatment is complex and can be carried out in several sessions.

The radiographic and clinical stages are:

  • evaluation of the state of the tooth
  • local anesthesia if necessary
  • the actual treatment in which the areas affected by caries are effectively removed with a specific cutter, the pulp chamber is reached where the dental pulp is removed. Then the preparation and mechanical conformation of the channels, their sterilization and filling are performed.

The advantage of root canal treatment is that it preserves the root of the tooth which, even if it is no longer intact (the nerve has been extracted), it keeps the connection with the jaw and maintains the interdental space thus preventing tooth migration and gum degradation over time.