Our own
dental imaging center

open to ensure maximum comfort for patients

Open to ensure maximum comfort for our patients, but also for other patients, the Chiromax dental imaging center is equipped with advanced equipment and state-of-the-art technologies.

It is an aid for doctors and patients in establishing the diagnosis, reducing working time, imaging control after certain treatments and surgeries.

The equipment in the radiology laboratory allows us to perform the following imaging investigations:

- 3D tomography
- Orthopantomography
- Telecephalography
- Sinuses
- Bite-wing panoramic
- Retroalveolar radiography
- Occlusal radiography
- Bite-wing radiography
- Carpus radiography

Irradiation from the dento-maxillary sphere presents minimal risks, people being exposed daily to much higher radiation from natural sources (atmospheric and terrestrial) or artificial (microwave oven, monitor, mobile phone, flight).