Profilaxie, igienă și
estetică dentară

prevention of dental disease

A healthy smile with a wide open mouth showing the perfect teeth is what we all want. Is it so hard to get? It seems not, specialist doctors tell us, but there is a secret and that is: prevention.

How can we prevent tooth decay, tooth or gum disease?

The modern methods we now have at our disposal through dental offices no longer make this smile a difficult goal to achieve.

Prophylaxis, as a method of preventing dental disease and complications (in the case of pre-existing conditions), includes some personal duties and some medical procedures.

Among the personal ones we list:

  • oral hygiene performed correctly and on time, at least 2 times a day, as explained by the specialist. It is necessary to use toothpaste, floss, lingual scraping, use of mouthwash
  • performing periodic dental checks at most 6 months
  • a diet rich in vegetables and fruits that ensures the supply of nutrients necessary for the formation and healthy maintenance of the teeth but also the irrigation with blood of the dental roots due to the specific mastication
  • reduce or eliminate foods that attack tooth enamel such as sugar and sticky sweets, carbohydrates, avoid breaking hard foods such as nuts, peanuts, etc., breaking hard objects with your teeth, avoid contact sports or accidents in the oral area
  • timely and specialized treatment of oral infections.

Among those specific to the dental office we mention:

  • the ideal professional brushing to be performed every 6 months with the removal - as the case may be - of tartar and bacterial deposits, of inadequate specific staining.

Brushing is performed mechanically with a rotating brush specially designed for this purpose and with a micro-abrasive paste containing fluorine available only in the dental office.

  • timely sealing of incipient caries - the faster they are detected, the easier it is to intervene and without the need for a canal treatment that involves a deeper damage to the tooth and a treatment in more sessions and more expensive
  • dental fluoridations with the role of strengthening and protecting tooth enamel by increasing its hardness, to remineralize and stop the evolution of incipient caries. Fluoridation can be done both by supplements administered to children and by applying a few minutes of a gel or varnish on the teeth with a special spoon in the dentist's office.
  • prevention of complications in the case of pre-existing conditions