Diagnosis and treatment

What is oro-maxillo-facial surgery?

It is a branch of surgery that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, trauma and other problems of the jaw and face.

Certain types of interventions are specific to this specialty:

– maxillofacial surgery for dental implantology
– dental extractions
– interventions to cure perimaxillary soft tissue infections such as abscesses or phlegmons
– interventions to cure non-specific infections of the maxillary bones such as osteitis or osteomyelitis
– interventions to cure specific infections of the jaw bones or soft tissues
– treatment of diseases of dental origin of the maxillary sinus such as maxillary sinusitis, orosinusal communication
– pathological treatment of nerves in the oro-maxillo-facial territory such as neuralgia or facial nerve palsy
– treatment of traumatic lesions of the soft orofacial tissues
– treating fractures of the lower or upper jaw
– treatment of jaw cysts and cysts of the cervico-facial soft tissues
– treatment of dento-periodontal traumas
– treatment of benign or malignant oro-cervico-facial and jaw tumors

The most common interventions:

– apical resection
– cystectomies
– inclusions
– preprosthetic preparations
– sinus lifting
– extraction of wisdom molar
– treatment of periodontal disease