morphofunctional and aesthetic restoration of the dento-maxillary apparatus

Dental prosthetics is that dental specialization that involves the morphofunctional and aesthetic restoration of the dento-maxillary apparatus, through biocompatible works (fixed or mobile) made, in general, in a dental laboratory.

Following a consultation in our office in order to perform a dental work, we will be able to offer an appropriate specific treatment plan, customized to the patients' needs.

When is prosthetic treatment appropriate?

- when one or more teeth are missing, it is necessary to build a work that involves grinding two teeth adjacent to the missing ones and to build a restoration to cover the polished teeth creating a bridge over the missing ones. This results in a fixed or mobile denture.

Prostheses can be total when they cover the entire jaw or partial when they include only a formation of a few adjacent teeth.

- when a tooth has been damaged, degraded, broken, discolored, it is necessary to protect it from the environment in the oral cavity, a dental crown is made of ceramic or similar materials of the latest generation

- when the front teeth have become colored due to poor nutrition or hygiene, dental veneers can be applied to mask the imperfections. It is a state-of-the-art method that more and more people are turning to in order to benefit from a perfect smile even at an advanced age. The materials from which they are made perfectly imitate the transparency, color and texture of the enamel so that they are difficult to notice and there are practically no allergies due to incompatibility

- when there is gingival tissue in excess, unsightly or which impairs dental hygiene or difficulties in speech or feeding, its reconfiguration can be resorted to by gingivoplasty and surgical gingivectomy.

In our office, through the dental prosthetic services we offer, through the modern solutions, through the materials and instruments used, through the optimal collaboration doctor-technician-nurse-patient we do everything necessary for you to enjoy a healthy, graceful and attractive smile.